Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon Loop

A few weekends ago, Roomie and I went down to the east side of the San Rafael Swell to hike the Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon loop. We took off late Saturday morning, caught lunch in Price, and after setting up camp, started hiking around 4:00.

The timing was perfect. It is still pretty warm in the desert, so the late afternoon start was just cool enough that we weren't going to suffer from extreme heat, but still warm enough that we didn't freeze as the sun went down behind the canyons.

Fabio would be jealous.
"Help! I need your help... Get the camera!"
The whole hike took us about four hours. The evening light made the canyon extremely beautiful. I have done this trail three other times, but always in the morning hours. The slots looked completely different in the late afternoon.

It started getting dark right as we were completing the last part of the loop. Bats swooped above our heads, almost bouncing off the narrow canyon walls, chasing twilight bugs. We jumped down the last couple of drops and made it back to the car just as night came down around us. It was a fun evening and beautiful hike.

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